Na`au is dedicated to supporting causes in alignment with our mission, and where there is a distinct need to help the people of Hawai`i.  

Effective August 10, 2023 - at the end of each quarter, we will be donating 10% of each ticket sale to various organizations throughout Hawai`i.  Donation updates will be posted on this page.  

We are also working on special event collaborations in which funds will be donated to organizations with philosophies that align with our mission. 

2023 Q3 & Q4: Proceeds will go towards Maui relief efforts.  At the end of the quarter we will assess where the needs are most and determine the organizations to send the proceeds to.

Workshops / Speaking Engagements

Chef Brian is passionate about educating and sharing knowledge, and often donates his time to speaking to the next generation.

If your organization / class is interested in having Chef Brian speak or demo, please email us at