Na`au will showcase coveted, wild, and overlooked local ingredients to preserve Hawai`i’s food culture, progress the local cuisine, and perpetuate our culinary heritage in Hawai`i, while providing guests with an authentic, cultural experience, bringing global awareness to Hawai`i’s cuisine, and educating the public.

About Chef Brian Hirata

Born and raised in Hawai`i, Chef Brian grew up hunting, fishing, farming, and foraging in the islands, and developed a respect for the outdoors. He graduated from the Culinary Arts Program at Hawai`i Community College, and gained valuable experience and an expert set of skills as the Sous Chef at The Hualalai Grille by Alan Wong and as a Culinary Instructor at Hawai`i Community College.

"I believe that when you lose a part of your heritage, you tend to struggle with moving forward thoughtfully because you don’t have a good understanding of where you came from in the first place. I think we lost this food connection, in a sense, and I want to see if we can find a way back to it - not for financial gain, but to better understand our roots and progress the local cuisine in a more conscientious fashion, while presenting a more authentic view of ourselves. "

We are currently sourcing funds for our permanent space. In the meantime, we hope you join us at a pop-up or private dinner.


"Guts: of the heart and mind"

Ingredients I’ve learned about through hunting, fishing, foraging, and cultivating is utilized in my cuisine.

The cuisine and dining experience offered at Na`au gives our team members the opportunity to share a part of themselves to our guests. The aspiration is for our guests to leave with a truly authentic, cultural experience, as well as a better understanding of what makes Hawai`i so special.


“Cooking house”

I didn’t want to just build another restaurant. I wanted to create a space that felt like home - a place that was warm, friendly, and comforting. This is the precedence for papa`i`ai.


“Enlightened through heritage”

Our past is important, as it helps define who we are today.

What we’ve learned and inherited from our past can be applied towards doing things better, more thoughtfully, and more responsibly for the future.

I connect this methodology to Na`au by looking backwards in order to move conscientiously forward.