Kaua`i Shrimp Croquettes

Kaua`i Shrimp are Pacific Whiteleg shrimp, and are sustainably-farmed in West Kaua`i using no chemicals or antibiotics.   The Kaua`i Shrimp farm, which spans 258 acres in West Kaua`i, is the 3rd largest shrimp breeder in the world. They turned fallow, old sugar cane fields into 40 1-acre ponds filled with 100% well-sourced salt water to grow a sustainable food source for the islands and beyond.

All Kaua`i Shrimp are sold whole, head-on, and are shipped out the day of harvest, so the quality is excellent.  

A Japanese-style croquette was made to showcase Kaua`i shrimp.  

A Thai curry sauce made with the shrimp heads completes the dish.

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