Wild Ferns

This salad, which we call "Hawai`i's Rainforest," is reflective of ingredients you would find in our rainforests, particularly along the Hāmākua coast, where Chef Brian spent lots of time at his grandparents' farm.

Hō`i`o and hāpu`u are two types of wild, native ferns rich in tradition and history.

Hō`i`o, nicknamed "the long-haired fish of the land," was historically eaten raw with poi or seafood.  It was the immigrant Asian community that began cooking the fern to use in dishes.  

Hāpu`u, also known as kakuma, was a critical food source during times of famine in ancient Hawai`i.  When being prepared, the shoots can emit noxious fumes which can burn the eyes and throat.

Chef Brian and a close friend foraged the hāpu`u and spent hours preparing them.

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